(cba:news) VSX J213806.5+261957 (OT in Pegasus)

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon May 17 22:12:20 EDT 2010

Dear CBAers,

Just back from the SAS meeting, which was very solid, dazzling in spots. 
  It always leaves me with the feeling "We better raise our game to keep 
market share!"  Next June we (the CBA) would like to have a little side 
meeting at the June AAS meeting in Boston - and hope this will draw some 
European attendance.  Only Enrique de Miguel (Huelva Spain) represented 
the Euros this time around.

OT 2138+26 has done everything we'd hoped - it's really and truly a 
large-amplitude nearby dwarf nova, likely of very long recurrence period 
(close cousin to WZ Sagittae).  Its location in Pegasus is no picnic in 
May... but I really, really hope you guys can get maximally long light 
curves, and I *really* hope for non-American coverage, so we can solve 
the alias issues which otherwise might bedevil us.  So far, Tom Krajci, 
Bill Stein, and Gordon Myers have been holding down the fort.  As Tom's 
reports show, the superhumps are booming - so let 'er rip.

Earlier in the night, CR Boo, V893 Sco, and HP Lib remain attractive 
targets.  CR Boo is certainly in an odd state - it would be great to 
have multi-longitude observations of it, so we can assess these long 
ramps in light for which it is somewhat famous.

I'm actually still at Kitt Peak, trying to observe 19.5 mag white dwarfs 
through clouds (and computers filled with mouse droppings).  Not a good 
combination.  I get home late tomorrow, and leave everything to Helena 
Uthas, who many of you met at Big Bear, and who will be postdocking in 
CVs at Columbia starting December.

Happy observing!


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