(cba:news) v893 sco, V803 Cen, and the new dwarf nova

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat May 8 23:26:25 EDT 2010

Lotta new stuff in the sky!  I hope that people will send in their 
OT2138+26 plans (as well as observations of course).  It'll help me a 
lot; we're on the 1.3 m telescope, vast overkill of course for an 8th 
magnitude star... and I'd breathe a lot easier if I knew that the star 
was being well covered now by several USA (and subsequently NZ/AU) 
observers.  Then we can go back to our little 20th magnitude white dwarfs.

Rod Stubbings alerts to two important events in the southern sky - a 
large brightening, possibly a superoutburst, in V893 Sco, the famous 
eclipser.   And a low state in V803 Cen - also quite rare, as true for 
CR Boo.  (These are both members of the very select class of pure helium 
CVs.)  Both awfully well-placed in the May sky.

Not a good week for having conferences, when astronomers are exiled from 
their toys.  You non-conference-goers out there, take up the challenge!


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