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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Jan 7 09:47:18 EST 2010

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Hi CBAers,

I'm away at a conference and not able to look at Bill's data closely, but
a glance at Bill Stein's light curves shows pretty obvious superhumps in
SDSS 0732.  Which is thereby confirmed as a SU UMa star.  Another couple
of nights should tune up the period (that is, the accuracy) nicely.  I
you can get it before the object fades from view!

I also see that David Boyd has obtained some European coverage of RX
0704+26.  I hope you guys can keep the coverage of that star intense until
the Moon next invades Gemini.

Thanks, Jeremy, for clueing me in on these eruptions.

My access to email here (in Washington DC) has been sporadic... and I feel
kind of disloyal being away when these time-critical campaigns are going
on.  But it's not like I'm enjoying a Bahamas holiday - it's minus 5 C


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Both objects still in outburst:

SDSS J073208.11+413008.7  Jan 4.870  15.9C

SDSS J230351.64+010651.0  Jan 4.740  14.1C

Jeremy Shears

Cheshire, UK

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