(cba:news) SDSS 1507+52 = Boo

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Feb 17 14:52:15 EST 2010

Sorry to burden you guys with such a faint star (V=18), but our HST 
observation of this guy occurs tomorrow - nominally 1230-2230 UT on Feb 
18.  With a very deep eclipse, a decent orbital hump, and an outrageous 
binary period (66 minutes), it offers many thrills to a big telescope! 
Less so to a little one... but on the other hand, we'd love to see what 
the star is doing - even at modest signal-to-noise - as close as 
possible to the space observation.  That goes for tonight, and the next 
several days.  As long a run as possible... as fast as possible (no 
longer than 120 s, and 60 would be nice)... and smash all your filters 
(we want to explore the clues to binary structure, so white light is 
plenty good).



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