(cba:news) FY Per, that's a negatory

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Dec 19 16:37:36 EST 2010

Dear CBAers,

Some very good data on FY Per has come rolling in, especially from CBA 
rookies Joe Ulowetz and Shawn Dvorak.  But the 90-minute signal that the 
star sometimes flashes is gone - to an impressive limit - and it's time 
to move on.  By far the best target in the evening sky is the new dwarf 
nova in Pisces, which is flashing beautiful superhumps these days.

OT0208+37 would be excellent too, if it's feasible (I suspect it's too 
faint now).

Later in the night, OT1028-08 is a good choice - and the northern-winter 
DQ Hers are all suitable, especially with the Moon being so ablaze right 
now (because pulse timings don't care much about background).  V405 Aur, 
RX0636+35, RX0704+24, MU Cam, WX Pyx, and HT Cam.  For an off-the-wall, 
try-anything-once star, consider WW Cet:
a rather strange dwarf nova that we've never covered for even one night.


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