(cba:news) New and Old Stars

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Dec 13 15:20:10 EST 2010

Hi Tom,

No, I'd say PQ Gem and Swif0732 (and BG CMi) are now well taken care of 
*early* in the observing season.  We can furlough 'em till late in their 
observing seasons - basically meaning March I'd say.

While the really compelling target now is the new dwarf nova in Psc 
(OT0120), two targets which are now extremely well placed in the sky are 
FY Per (12th mag) and FS Aur (15-16).  Both need long runs - definitely 
 >3 hrs, and prefer much longer.  Both are stars which have stymied us 
in the past - and now that it's a fresh observing season, let's solve 
them at last.  FY Per is the most mysterious, with a transient 1.5 hour 
wave of an unknown nature (and a 6 hr Porb).  Hardly anyone ever 
mentions it.  A filter is (almost) mandatory on this one; V filter would 
be the best choice.  It's no barn-burner - just a few hundredths of a 
mag; but I think it'll yield if we can patch together Euro and USA data.

For DQ Her stars, the more ambitious among you should try HT Cam and WX 
Pyx.  Mighty faint, but these stars don't require the long runs, and can 
make use of mediocre conditions.  Stars that nobody keeps track of but 
us, so we better get it right.


On 12/13/2010 2:11 PM, Tom Krajci wrote:
> Swift0732-13 gets too low in the morning, so I have an hour I can devote
> to PQ Gem, like I did last night.
> Do you still want data on that star?  I've been doing Sloan r'...is that
> acceptable?
> Tom Krajci
> Cloudcroft, NM

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