(cba:news) FW: V592 Her in outburst!?]

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Aug 1 06:55:25 EDT 2010

Gary Poyner forwards Maciej's observation that V592 Her is in outburst 
at 14.1.  This still needs confirmation... and 14.1 might signify a 
fainter ("normal", i.e. non-super) outburst... but since the star is 
normally at 21, anything you can see on small-scope images is news.  And 
any news on this star is big news.  In particular, long time series now 
are vital; last time around (1998), we got good superhump coverage, but 
- as usual - only sketchy coverage of the early superoutburst, which 
sometimes discloses evidence of the exact Porb.

Send any confirmation/refutation, and fire up the time series!


Maciej Reszelski has confirmed that the ROP star V592 Her is indeed in
This is the first outburst detected since the Superoutburst of Aug 26th

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