(cba:news) TT Ari X-ray observation

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Oct 15 11:59:08 EDT 2009

...by Swift will take place October 16 from 1:26 UT to 9:15 UT.  Nicely 
timed for Europe and the Americas, except that it's MIGHTY SOON.  That's
Thursday night, in USA-speak.  Truly simultaneous observation would be 
just great - and should probably be white light, since statistical 
accuracy is of paramount importance in analyzing for correlations.  But 
anything within a few days is close enough to be "contemporaneous", and 
has heightened value also.

Good luck!  The star's brightness seems to be jumping around in the last 
few days; the snapshot magnitudes are kind of confusing.  If you have 
clear skies and a V filter, be sure to get a (decently, not fanatically) 
calibrated V magnitude in there somewhere, so our time series don't have 
a large zero-point uncertainty.

Koji Mukai secured this time, and points out that a new gamma-ray burst 
would bump us off the schedule.  May our skies be quiet and clear.


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