(cba:news) TT Ari take 2, or even 3

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Nov 3 14:33:34 EST 2009

Dear CBAers,

Today's messages from Tom, and Ivan Andronov, establish that TT Ari has 
dived low again - maybe even (very transiently) to its full low of V~16.
This makes the situation kind of murky.  I was just about to suspend the 
campaign, since the light curves around V=13, where the star has been 
dallying, look very complex - hard to decipher.  But after just looking 
at Tom's light curve... that crazy huge-amplitude signal around 
0.35-0.40 d is back!  This is emphatically a GREAT target in the days to 
come.  That mysterious signal maintained pretty good coherence for about 
a week; and if it does so again, then we can bridge the gap to see if 
the underlying signal is truly phase-stable.

So please rev up your engines again for TT Ari!  Most of you will 
probably want to do V or clear photometry, in an attempt to get good 
time-resolution (in addition to the 0.4 d signal, there are very fast 
and very large variations).

Back to the light curves.  Another message soon...


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