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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed May 6 20:17:55 EDT 2009

Pardon me for the multiple postings, but I'd like to promote this one 
for CBAers as well.  Jonathan and I will both be there, along with Jerry 
and several other CBAers (I think Tom Krajci, Tut Campbell, Bob Koff, 
and probably others).  At some point we'll have a CBA sub-meeting 
somewhere in there.

As of yesterday, the Northwoods Resort still had some rooms, though not 


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Subject: (cba:chat) Joint SAS/AAVSO meeting
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From: Jerry Foote <jfoote at scopecraft.com>
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The Joint meeting is going to be the biggest meeting of SAS in its history.
We already have over 150 registered for the Symposium. A fair number of
CBA'ers will be coming including representation from Belgium, UK and New
Zealand. The Data mining and Photometry workshops each have over 70

The dates are May 19-21 and it is held in Big Bear, California. Check out
the Society web site at www.scoastrosci.org.

See you there.

Jerry Foote
Center for Backyard Astrophysics-Utah
jfoote at scopecraft.com


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