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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Mar 30 17:03:20 EDT 2009

Dear CBAers,

We've been studying this star at quiescence (19th mag) for a few weeks, 
and found deep eclipses with a period of 0.065317 days.  Now, as our run 
on a big telescope ends, it jumps into outburst - the first recorded! 
Can you get some small-scope coverage on it while it's in outburst?  It 
would be mighty rewarding!


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SDSS J152419.33+220920.0 outburst

    Catalina detected an outburst of this CV (high-inclination system
according to Szkody et al. 2009)

903291210784144089 2009-03-29T09:38:48 2009-03-29T09:34:31 15 24 19.30 
+22 09 20.3 4.320 15.42 15.46 15.97 15.47 

    Although Catalina's observations apparently recorded eclipses, there
remain a number of period solutions.  Further observations will certainly
establish its period.

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