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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Jun 3 06:36:18 EDT 2009

Dear CBAers,

Berto has found an outburst of CL Sco, and this is a good target for 
southern CBA coverage - plus a few northerners, as the dec is not all 
that extreme.  A blue filter might be a plus, though at mag 11.8 the 
object is likely to be pretty blue anyway (implying that unfiltered 
light will give results very similar to blue light).

Bona fide CVs practically always flicker, and most symbiotics don't.
But the latter *sometimes* do when they go into outburst, and not much 
is known about the origin and nature of that flickering.  The present 
outburst is a really good opportunity to explore that... UNLESS a full 
night's coverage shows no variability at all.  As usual, that degree of 
inscrutability should erase the star from our radar screens.

I finished my quick analysis of V1213 Cen, mostly from Berto's great 
data.  (This is the 11th mag ASAS nova.) The star's variability is 
pretty interesting for a classical nova, but no pattern was apparent 
even from 15 nights of observation.  That's enough to knock it off our 
programs.  Until next year, anyway; often a few magnitudes of decline 
suffices to reveal a nova's inner machinery (after the ejected shell 

We didn't organize one, but a significant CBA meeting sort of happened 
spontaneously during the SAS meeting at Big Bear.  Among other things, 
we decided to have organized meetings next May at Big Bear, and May 2011 
at Boston (along with AAVSO and AAS).  More on this later.


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Subject: [vsnet-alert 11282]  CL Sco in active state
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2009 20:06:39 +0200
From: Berto Monard <bmonard at mweb.co.za>
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The symbiotic star CL Sco has recently entered an active state as shown by
the observations below.

2454622.26  13.16 CCD-V  MLF
2454639.25  13.26 CCD-V  MLF
2454645.42  13.23 CCD-V  MLF
2454658.26  13.20 CCD-V  MLF
2454677.29  13.26 CCD-V  MLF
2454681.27  13.30 CCD-V  MLF
2454701.25  13.27 CCD-V  MLF
2454719.20  13.16 CCD-V  MLF
2454725.22  13.23 CCD-V  MLF
2454732.24  13.20 CCD-V  MLF
2454744.21  13.12 CCD-V  MLF
2454770.25  13.20 CCD-V  MLF
2454884.60  13.08 CCD-V  MLF
2454918.50  13.11 CCD-V  MLF
2454926.50  12.99 CCD-V  MLF
2454940.40  12.79 CCD-V  MLF
2454966.40  11.95 CCD-V  MLF
2454971.30  11.88 CCD-V  MLF

Berto Monard
Bronberg Observatory / CBA Pretoria

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