(cba:news) December targets, volume 1

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Dec 17 18:08:41 EST 2009

Dear CBAers,

Having just escaped my last exam, and having a sabbatical year ahead, 
I'm anxious to get back to CV studies on a more full-time!  More 
extensive comments late tonight (I still have to grade the 60 exams).
A coupla things:

1. TT Ari. Lots to say there.  The short version: we only need to keep 
hitting to document the general history, not detailed period-finding 
which ia already done so well!

2. XSS0056+45.  Definitely.  Still some life left in its observing 
season... and LONG runs are definitely wanted, because the period 
structure is quite, quite intricate.

3. KR Aur.  Can anyone do this?  It's 19th magnitude, but it would be 
lovely to know if it has a strong orbital signal.  The example of TT Ari 
suggests that it might.  Anyway, this could be good for the real 
swashbucklers among you.

4. FS Aur.  I have a paper ready to go on this star... BUT I'd love to 
get a few more weeks on it (i.e. a 2009 point) for the long-term 
tracking of the 3.5 hour signal.

5.  Many DQ Her stars suitable for coverage.  BG CMi is done for a few 
months or more, but Aur (RX0636+35) and Gem (RX0704+26) are tempting -
as are PQ Gem and Swift 0732-13.  Three-hour runs generally get the job 
done on these guys.

MOre tonight!


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