(cba:news) [Fwd: [vsnet-alert 11707] SDSS J012940.05+384210.4 rebrightening]

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Dec 5 04:39:45 EST 2009

The brightening of a few days ago proved to be a "false alarm" - in the 
sense that the outburst quickly decayed away (like a normal outburst of 
an ultrashort period dwarf nova).  But a second rise like this often 
signals a true superoutburst - so this is a mighty interesting star to 
target for time-series observation!


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Subject: [vsnet-alert 11707] SDSS J012940.05+384210.4 rebrightening
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SDSSJ012940.05+384210.4 is rebrightening.

SDSSJ012940.05+384210.4 20091201.39591 164C     Mhh.VSOLJ
SDSSJ012940.05+384210.4 20091202.40509 <176C    Mhh.VSOLJ
SDSSJ012940.05+384210.4 20091204.43115 152C     Mhh.VSOLJ

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