(cba:news) ot1028-08

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Apr 5 11:56:17 EDT 2009

Dear CBAers,

Greg Bolt has found a very short period (~1 hour) in this star, which 
appears to be an outbursting dwarf nova of some type.  By virtue of that 
period, it's pow'f'l interesting!  And a decently good sky position for 
all hemispheres too.

And SDSS1524+22 continues to evolve, and superhump, and eclipse.  Follow 
till the last photon disappears from your telescope.


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OT J102842.9-081927 = Catalina transient

    Most likely a dwarf nova in outburst (previous outbursts).

903310070564102615 2009-03-31T05:34:31 2009-03-31T05:30:30 10 28 42.87 
-08 19 26.7 4.320 15.03 15.00 14.93 15.00 

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