(cba:news) september stars: v466 And, DV Sco, BW Scl

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Sep 7 22:03:59 EDT 2008

Dear CBAers,

As most of you know, OT0200+44 has been renamed V466 And... and is 
likely in the midst of a long, bright outburst - the first ever seen in 
this star.  The powerful "common superhumps" have apparently not yet 
appeared, but are probably just a day or two away.  This is a great, 
great target - make every effort to get long time series for the next 
couple of weeks!

This is by far the top priority object - best to spend all night on it.
If horizon problems preclude evening coverage, SDSS2333+15 (Peg) and GD 
552 (Cep1) are good alternatives.

In the southern hemisphere, Berto has been obtaining steady coverage of 
DV Sco (early evening) and BW Scl (rest of night).  These have been 
extremely rewarding - DV Sco is a flashy new superhumper of 
exceptionally long period, and BW Scl is flashing strong orbital and 
pulsation signals.  The latter are the strongest and simplest we have 
ever seen - simple enough that we'll be able to count pulsation cycles 
from night to night, and thus measure periods very accurately.

A simple menu.  Sorry, no bright stars in the first tier.  If you need 
'em, AO Psc and V592 Cas are pretty good choices.

Clear skies!


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