(cba:news) (cba:chat) V1251 Cygni Prelim results

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Oct 23 09:12:01 EDT 2008

 From my inspection, I'd guess that Don's report is the first sign of 
the just-developed superhumps.  The Eastern USA doesn't get many firsts 
in observational astronomy!  True to form, V1251 Cyg appears slow off 
the mark.  (Recent data by Bob Koff and Tom Krajci showed only a few 
waves of uncertain parentage.)  So I guess V1251 is more of a 
long-distance runner.  Anyway, it should start to produce handsome light 
curves right about now, or very soon.


dcollins wrote:
> A 2.5 hour run at Warren Wilson College in N. Carolina for V1251 shows 
> about 0.1 mag P-P oscillation with about a 0.75 day period.  See my 
> prelim results at:
> http://www.warren-wilson.edu/%7Ephysics/CVResults/V1251Cyg/V1251Cyg.html
> Don

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