(cba:news) V632 Cygni

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Nov 12 12:02:34 EST 2008

Dear CBAers,

Full report tonight.  In the meantime, let's try hard to track V632 Cyg 
around the globe.  Tom Krajci found the superhumps, and if we can 
squeeze out some off-longitude light curves (probably Europe, I 
imagine), we can probably solve the nightly alias problem.  Around 14th 
mag and (super)humping away.  Just 0.15 mag full amplitude, not quite as 
bullish as some of the recent guys.  Then we need about five days of 
coverage to get a decently tight error bar on P(superhump).

Even though it's obscure star, it has a known Porb - and that makes it 
important, because the offset (Psh-Porb) is a measure of the disk's 
precession rate, which in turn tells us the mass ratio.


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