(cba:news) (cba:chat) V1251 Cyg - mag 18

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Nov 5 23:12:33 EST 2008

OK gang, I think that rings the curtain down on V1251 Cyg.  The outburst 
might well show echoes, but in my judgment we won't learn more from 
them.  Tracking the fading outburst is plenty important, but others will 
do it.  Not worth the struggles with eighteenth magnitude, plus the
possible echo light which really confuses the periodic signal (in my 

KP Cas abd UW Tri are very likely still rewarding with fine light 
curves.  And I strongly recommend OT0238+35, another flashy new 
superhumper announced today by Maehara.
That's OT_J023839.1+355648.  I'm sorry I don't know more about this 
object; I drew a blank on it.  Maybe some of you can dig up some useful 
info, which I managed to miss.

And it's a fine season for V455 And, for which we continue to seek fast 
photometry (15 s, and preferably even a little faster  if you can cope 
with it).

Sorry for everything so northern.  I'll try to correct!


Tom Krajci wrote:
> I started a run on V1251 Cyg tonight, and it's very faint.  I had to 
> stack multiple 120-second images to get a rough estimate that it's near 
> magnitude 18.
> I really can't do time series on such a faint target.  I'll take data 
> tonight...in the hopes that there might be a rebrightening, but other 
> than that...I really can't provide much other data.
> Tom Krajci

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