(cba:news) CR Boo erupts...

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri May 16 20:22:49 EDT 2008

Dear CBAers,

It seems very likely that CR Boo has finally jumped into superoutburst. 
  I got a little impatient last month and called off the coverage... but 
it's still well placed, still equatorial, and still bright.  So I think 
it deserves the absolute highest priority whenever it's up in the sky - 
for southern observers as well as northern.

We've covered CR Boo before, but never *really* well, and it would be 
fascinating to know if its superhumps have the same intricate fine 
structure AM CVn is famous for.  We can do that - a week of intense 
coverage will do the job!

As for current targets, GW Lib is being well covered by Berto and Bob 
Rea... and it's flashing that mysterious 2.1 hr wave that no one 
understands.  Definitely worth tracking.

But for WX Cen, I think we can call off the coverage.  We have several 
nice eclipse timings, which suffices for the year.

BTW the Sky and Tel article on the Cassiopeia transient (Halloween 2006) 
finally come out in the July issue.  It got delayed by some editor 
job-jumping... but looks pretty good now.  Tom Krajci and Bob Koff are 
the "photometry heroes"... which they richly deserve!

Find your way to Bootes and let 'er rip!


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