(cba:news) welcome to cbastro.org !

Jonathan Kemp jk at cbastro.org
Tue Mar 4 15:24:10 EST 2008

Hi CBAers,

As some of you may have noticed, the CBA now has a new domain: 
cbastro.org !

All world wide web and electronic mail services are now running 
successfully under this new domain and have been for the past week. 
While there should be full backward compatibility with 
cbastro.org for a while, I would encourage everybody to use the 
new domain for all web and mail services as soon as possible.  In addition 
to providing the CBA with a more succinct internet identity, it will also 
facility me switching between or otherwise using multiple servers behind 
the scenes, so I recommend updating e-mail address books, web browser 
bookmarks, and web page links when convenient.

Also, as noted in a previous thread, the e-mail auto-response for data 
submissions has been temporarily suspended, although the recent data page 
is current and up-to-date.  I am considering alternative response 
approaches.  Also, the under-the-hood tweaks to data archiving are 
starting to conclude, so the other data set submission summaries should 
soon be current once again (data, station, object, etc.).

Lastly, I am currently updating our literature to reflect this new 
address.  If you happen to be attending a conference or other gathering 
and have some desire for literature, please let me know and I'll see if I 
can help provide something with the new identity.

(This message is the last being sent out from cbastro.org just 
in case some people need notification to explicitly whitelist the new 
cbastro.org domain.)


CBA Hilo

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