(cba:news) VY Aqr erupts...

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Jun 29 22:04:13 EDT 2008

Dear CBAers,

It seems likely that VY Aqr has just jumped to 10 th magnitude... and 
this suggests a probable superoutburst - and possibly the first day of 
it, too!  This equatorial target is available to everyone, so it's very 
attractive for a round-the-world campaign.  Train your best firepower on it.

But don't forget GW Lib!  The present campaign is going great, and the 
documentary record of both the fast pulsations and the "2-hour" signal 
is one of our best ever.

At tenth magnitude, you may well choose to use a filter (V is usually 
the best choice) since it allows calibration and better treatment of 
extinction.  It would be desirable - though certainly not necessary - to 
attach a third column giving the airmass.  This will enable some extra 
corrections for differential extinction.

When you first visit the field, select an appropriate comparison star, 
and send details to cba-news.  Other observers may well choose to use 
the same comp; that also allows for somewhat easier splicing of the 
light curves.


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