(cba:news) GW Lib 'round the clock...

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Jun 5 23:45:02 EDT 2008

Dear CBAers,

We've been tracking GW Lib faithfully for the last month, mainly 
following the mysterious 2.0 hr photometric signal.  The coverage has 
been very good, thanks mainly to Bob Rea, Berto, and Tom Krajci.  Our 
data seems to show that the true period is 4.1 hr (2.0 hr is merely a 
powerful first harmonic).  That's interesting.  But something vastly 
more interesting happened two nights ago.  In a space of half a day, a 
very powerful (0.07 mag) periodic signal at 1187 s jumped up from 
nowhere... and has persisted in 3 nights of observation (from Bob Rea 
and Greg Bolt).

This vaults GW Lib to an absolute top priority target.  Fire away with 
all available weapons!


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