(cba:news) VZ Sex = RX 0944+03 in outburst

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Jan 1 08:11:59 EST 2008

Dear CBAers,

This looked pretty interesting.  The eruption might be very brief, if 
the star is indeed (as presently classified) a DQ Her star.  But even if 
it is, the amplitude of the (alleged) spin signal at 36 minutes is of 
very great interest.

And you gotta love that brightness, at 12.4.  Even if it has declined a 
lot, this is a VERY good target for the next few days at least.  There's 
basically no coverage yet of any eruption.  Suitable for all scopes and 
all latitudes.


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From: 	Eddy Muyllaert <eddy.muyllaert1 at pandora.be>
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Hi all,

According to Carlo Gualdoni (GCO) VZ Sex is in a bright outburst :

VZ SEX 2454465.6202 DEC 31.1202 12.4 KY GCO

Happy, clear but above all a healthy 2008 to all observers around the world.

Best wishes,
Eddy Muyllaert (MUY)
eddy.muyllaert1 at pandora.be <mailto:eddy.muyllaert1%40pandora.be>

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