(cba:news) HV Vir and the new menu

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Feb 14 21:12:27 EST 2008

Dear CBAers,

Well, all our dwarf novae du jour faded back to quiescence (Ari, Hya, 
CMi) - so they're off the menu.  But yesterday a report of HV Vir's 
reawakening hit the wires - a bright WZ Sge star erupting just at the 
right time of year (transiting near local midnight).  And equatorial as 

So that's great: at 11.5, available for all observers, and decently long 
nights in both north and south.  Fire away!

Most of our other prime targets should be expunged.  Two exceptions in 
the north:
1. We'd like another 2 weeks or so on AM CVn.
2. It would be good to get a few weeks on UMa 6 = 0928+50.  This is a 10 
hr eclipsing binary with a lost ephemeris!

And in the south, two lingering requests:
1. A few more timings of 0732-13.
2. T Pyx.  This is definitely the last year; I have the paper 90% written!

Enjoy those fine February nights.  Sorry about Olde Whiteface up 
there... but HV Vir's blasting away at 11th magnitude!


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