(cba:news) other transients, and am cvn

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Feb 4 11:34:39 EST 2008

Dear CBAers,

For the record, the two other transients we're following are doing well: 
OT0845+03 and OT0211+17... both superhumping away at decent amplitude.
Especially the latter - Tonny's one-cycle SU UMa star.  Adding the data 
of Bob Koff, Jerry Foote, and Tut Campbell, I see that it's a 
large-amplitude superhumper with P=0.0897(4) d.  But the observing runs 
on this newly discovered star in Aries are very short, and we could 
*greatly* use European or Asian coverage to eliminate aliasing.

OT0845 is a little better covered, and yields a period of 0.0588 d, 
though with a little period wander.  Should get at least another week on it.

Bob Koff and Tut Campbell have kicked off the AM CVn season with some 
great data - just 2 days worth, but may there be ever so much more to 
come!  This is a great target now, even for somewhat iffy skies.  With 
V=14.2 and the emphasis on phasing of a known signal (at Porb), this 
one's not so difficult, and the scientific rewards will be great - 
though I admit the light curve is no barn-burner.

We've been finding a lot of eclipsers in photometry of new Sloan stars. 
  Most of these are mag 18-19, so I don't announce or promote 'em here. 
  But if any of you are inclined to try a different kind of photometry 
(still time series, but with long integrations on faint stars), please 
let me know.  It'll tax your telescope drive, the quality of your night, 
and possibly your software skill, but you might want to see how faint 
you can go and still get good data.


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