(cba:news) outbursting dwarf novae

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Aug 5 23:56:57 EDT 2008

Dear CBAers,

The dwarf novae have been a little quiet in our sky lately.  But there 
are three freshly erupted which are likely to be good targets.

HO Del has had very little activity in the last decade, and has just 
erupted to what is very likely a full superoutburst.  Perfectly placed 
(transiting near local midnight), it's a GREAT target for borealites, 
and quite possibly OK for some of the australites too (at +14 degrees).
Fire away!

The two fully southern DN are more speculative.  V893 Sco is a bright 
eclipser, and we would love to find superhumps in it - and sort of 
expect them.  But they've never been found, despite the very favorable 
Porb.  Very odd.  Bright now at 12.7.

RU Hor is a very sparsely observed SU UMa star, and really needs a 
substantial observing campaign to nail down its credentials.  Bright now 
at 14.0 - time for action!

Best to take one of these and fire away for time series as long and as 
sustained as possible.  That's almost always a very good observing 
strategy - and I think it is here.


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