(cba:news) V455 And, CD Ind, BW Scl

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Sep 27 15:59:56 EDT 2007

Dear CBAers,

Well I've spent a lot of time on the V455 And = HS2331 data now. The 
(probable) rotation frequency is back - corresponding to 67.618 s and 
half that.  This means that fast integrations are VERY desirable in
this star.  Most of the power is at 68 s, so cycle-times around 25 s, 
like many of you are using, are OK.  But if you get it down to 15 s,
that would be super!

I'm now trying to figure out when those oscillations came back. All in 
the fullness of time.  By the way, the eclipses seem to be back too. Yet
another reason (a lesser one) to do fast photometry.  Give it a try! 
You might need to switch to unfiltered, though.

The CD Ind campaign is well worth continuing.  However, it's also BW Scl 
season again - time to get long nightly runs on this star, the southern
counterpart of HS2331 (except that it's in quiescence - and, like 
HS2331, has never erupted).  Maybe we'll hit the daily double this year.

More to come.


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