(cba:news) may stars

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun May 13 16:54:04 EDT 2007

Dear CBAers,

The GW Lib campaign continues to go strong, and this star remains our 
best target - probably this touchstone star will remain quiet for 
another 24 years after the present shot.  So for australites and those 
in the southern USA, continue to fire away.  Even if the star dives to 
16th magnitude, it still deserves long runs to track the various 
periodic signals.

BZ UMa is being seriously attacked by western twilight, and it's time to 
retire it from the northern menu.  In its place, I recommend the following:

AM CVn - still plenty of life in the old gal.

SDSS1327+65 - this star is about 17.5, pretty tough for CBAers, but is 
likely to be pretty rewarding if you have good nights.

RX1643+34 = "Her" - At 12.7, this is a good star for any night/any 
telescope.  Nice collection of superhumps, but we've learned only a 
little about it - let's make it a hit in 2007.

DQ Her - we'd like to amass timings of its 71 s oscillation, and of its 
4.6 hr eclipse.  Need fast cycle time to properly resolve the former.

In the south, EX Hya is still of interest, and FO Aqr is now back in the 
morning sky, needing attention.

Kinda rushed today - leaving for Italy in a few minutes. I'll try to 
write from there!


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