(cba:news) V1212 Tau erupting

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Jan 4 08:12:48 EST 2007

Dear CBAers,

Yesterday a CV suspect, V1212 Tau, was found in outburst.  A first night 
on it at Kitt Peak yielded strong superhumps with P=0.075 d.  Since this 
is the first recorded supermax, this star is worth a concerted campaign.
It's about 16th mag, so better act fast!

More detailed message later today. The onrushing Moon is difficult to 
survive on these northern nights.  Maybe the south will be better.  It's T 
Pyx season again, and it's a pretty good target at V=15.  Plus AH Pic, for 
which we need another 1-2 weeks of data.

In a few days, FS Aur will be clear of the Moon, and will be a very good 
target since we have a paper ready to just plug in the 2006-7 data.

More later!


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Subject: [vsnet-campaign-dn 4877] Re: V1212 Tau outburst: observation urgently

>   Carlo Gualdoni reports that V1212 Tau (see below) is undergoing
> an outburst!

    According to the GCVS team, the position is reported to be:
V1212 Tau |034856.5+251632. |035157.0+252529. |UGSU:     | 15.3    |< 21.5      |B |


RA: 	 03:51:56.97
DEC: 	+25:25:27.8

object is blue on POSS II plates

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