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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
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Dear CBAers,

Zowie, it looks like two of these new objects (SS LMi and the new object 
in Tau) are reporting in with superhumps of very short period (75-80 min 
or so).  This is quite fertile territory... and most such stars, at least 
the ones freshly discovered, turn out to be quite rare outbursters.
Really great targets for October nights!


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Subject: (cba:news) RE: New Object In Tau..... appears to be a UGSU-type CV

I started an imaging run on this object at 04:00UT 27 Oct.  Conditions are
clear but very windy.  However I think I can get reasonably good data if the
wind does not increase (forecast is for winds to lessen slightly).

Tom Krajci
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Subject: (cba:news) New Object In Tau..... appears to be a UGSU-type CV

4 hrs of V and I-band CCD photometry of this new object, reported earlier by
astronomers at Crni Vrh Observatory of the University of Ljubljana, shows a
strong superhump signal with peak-to-peak amplitude 0.2 mag around a mean V
of 15.10 indicating it is probably a UGSU-type CV. The V-I colour index is
close to zero.

The mean superhump period over this 4 hr interval is 0.0541 +/- 0.0027d,

These measurements used USNO-B1 1028-0043851 as a comparison, thanks to
Renz for circulating this information. Equipment was 0.35m SCT with SXV-H9

Position measured as RA 03 29 12.26 +/- 0.19  Dec +12 50 17.54 +/- 0.12
using Astrometrica and UCAC2.

Further time-series observations are encouraged.

David Boyd (BDG),
West Challow, UK

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