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Here's the notice - fire away, looks like a piece of red meat to CBAers!


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Subject: CBET 734: 20061110 : EG AQUARII

                                                   Electronic Telegram No. 734
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      E. O. Waagen, AAVSO, writes that this dwarf nova was reported in
outburst by R. Stubbings (Tetoora Road, Victoria, Australia) at visual
magnitude 12.4 on Nov. 8.48 UT, confirmed by H. Maehara (Japan) via CCD
at V = 13.08 on Nov. 8.630.  This outburst is only the third known
outburst from this variable (R.A. = 23h25m19s.17, Decl. = -8o18'18.9,
equinox 2000.0, from USNO-B1.0; minimum photographic magnitude around 18.5)
to have been observed.  Previous outbursts of EG Aqr occurred in October-
November 1958 (only two known photographic magnitudes, 14.8 and 14.0) and
August 1959 (photographic magnitudes 14.0, 17.2, and additional values as
it declined back toward minimum).  CCD observations now by several
observers -- including T. Vanmunster (Belgium), T. Krajci (USA), D. Wells
(USA), P. De Ponthiere (Belgium), H. Hautecler (Belgium), L. Monard (South
Africa), and S. Dvorak (USA) -- clearly show superhumps, indicating that
EG Aqr is a SU UMa-type dwarf nova; data collected as the superoutburst
progresses are being analyzed to determine the superhump behavior and
refine the variable classification.  All CCD observations reported to the
AAVSO may be found on the AAVSO website (www.aavso.org).  Charts and
photometric sequence information are available through the AAVSO website,
as announced by A. Henden in AAVSO Special Notice 24.
      Additional visual magnitude estimates reported to the AAVSO:  Oct.
28.541 UT, [15.6 (Stubbings); Nov. 8.532, 12.5 (Stubbings); 8.934, 13.1
(G. Poyner, Birmingham, England); 9.437, 12.7 (Stubbings); 9.726, 12.9 (W.
Kriebel, Schierling/Walkenstetten, Germany); 9.794, 12.8 (H. Hautecler,
Boutersem, Belgium); 9.802, 12.7 (P. Schmeer, Bischmisheim, Germany);
9.880, 12.9 (Poyner); 10.448, 12.9 (Stubbings); 10.490, 12.7 (Stubbings);
10.524, 12.7 (Stubbings).  CCD magnitudes, unfiltered unless otherwise
noted, contributed to the AAVSO:  Oct. 31.174, R = [16.5 (Schmeer); Nov.
8.326, R = 12.7 (Schmeer); 9.047, 13.4 (T. Krajci, Cloudcroft, NM); 9.0496,
V = 13.31 (D. Wells, Missouri City, TX); 9.287, 13.1 (Krajci); 9.762, 12.9
(P. De Ponthiere, Lesve, Belgium); 9.801, 13.2 (De Ponthiere); 10.289,
13.2 (Krajci).

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2006 November 10                 (CBET 734)               Daniel W. E. Green
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