(cba:news) Var Cas 06 - keep going!

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Nov 8 01:28:10 EST 2006

Dear CBAers,

The new variable in Cas continues to tantalize, and it looks pretty 
promising for an interpretation as a nearby microlens.  Continued coverage 
is essential!  Please let me know if I can help with charts, etc. Over the 
next 7-14 days the photometry will go a long way towards testing this 
fascinating hypothesis!

The variable is GSC 3656-1328, and the comparison I recommend is
GSC 3656-1399.  V-band would be best, but I can use a different band - and 
also unfiltered if you don't have filters.

Any more European data coming?  I have one night from Arto - anything else
in the pipeline?


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