(cba:news) coords for the Cas transient

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Nov 3 04:38:56 EST 2006

along with a brief description of our TOO proposal...

>    We propose to obtain a short X-ray observation of the recently
> discovered outbursting star in Cassiopeia ("Var Cas 2006").  The
> quiescent counterpart appears to be a distant (1 Kpc) B star, and the
> 4 magnitude outburst is by far the largest ever seen in such a star.
> This could be the signature of an accreting compact star in a close binary,
> or it could be an extremely violent ejection of a shell by the B star
> which has oddly failed to show emission lines at any time in its
> history.  The first scenario would produce a strong hard X-ray source
> -- probably >0.5 UFU -- while the second would produce only soft X-rays
> or none at all.  A short observation with Swift would easily distinguish
> between these.
> Exact 2000 coords: 00 09 21.98  from Tycho-2 astrometry
>                   +54 39 43.9
> V= 7.4 in outburst Oct 30, =9.5 on Nov 2, probably 11.6 by about Nov. 9.

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