(cba:news) dates for big bear conference

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed May 3 05:58:47 EDT 2006

Hi CBAers,

Here's a summary of plans/dates for the upcoming conference in Big Bear
Lake (CA).

Monday May 22: Some of us arrive.  I expect to be arriving that night,
               driving from Tucson.

Tuesday May 23: Others arrive. I believe that Tonny and Jerry are scheduled
               to give workshops on that day.  Others too - I dunno this
               schedule exactly.

Wednesday and Thursday May 23-24: The conference. You can find the program
               details at the "socastrosci" website, where you can also
               register, obtain info on lodging, etc.

Friday May 25: Some of us leave.  Others may wish to stay for some part
               of the Riverside Telescope Makers' Conference, which starts
               today just a few miles away.  It's probably the biggest
               gathering of amateur astronomers in the world, and I
               recommend it.  I'm not sure whether I will stay for this
               extra day; I think not, since I have an observing run
               ongoing on Kitt Peak.

Commentary on STARS tomorrow.  However, I'm still warmly commending
SDSS1238-03.  Despite its faintness, this star is still very worthwhile
for study - mainly for the very strange 7.7 hr period in its light curve.
Hold until relieved!



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