(cba:news) celebrity stars of the week

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Jan 28 17:22:34 EST 2006

Dear CBAers,

Two developments from last night.  One, it looks like the Japanese
(Maehara) found the nascent superhumps last night in ASAS0233-10 (about 12
hours after Tonny's upper limit in Belgium). So......... fire away from
all hemispheres and longitudes!

Two, Dave Messier and Tom Krajci covered IGR0023+61 pretty well the last
two nights - and I THINK the daily aliasing problem (for the spin period)
is solved.  Still, the star greatly deserves your attention - it has
probably the most beautiful light curve you ever saw (huge 9.4 min

In a day or two I hope we can extract the period for the new superhumper!


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