(cba:news) A Euro-Canadian special!

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Jan 27 08:05:26 EST 2006

Dear CBAers,

Well, this doesn't come along very often...

Last night Eve Armstrong managed to squeeze out 2.3 hours of coverage, on
the last night of her run, on IGR 0023+61 = RX 0022+61 = "Cas" in the
Downes catalogue.  The light curve was sensational: gigantic (0.4 mag)
strictly periodic pulses with a period of 9.4 min, and a slower variation
probably in the range 2-3 hours.  Likely to be a shiny new DQ Her star
(intermediate polar), although the very red color is odd and may force a
shift in tribal allegiance as we learn more.

Despite its catalogued faintness (B=18), the star won't actually be very
difficult for you, because it's pretty bright (15-16) at R and I where
your CCDs are very sensitive.  So you should be able to track these
remarkable periodic changes in light.

Assuming you're of the borealite persuasion!  The star is way over in the
west at evening twilight... but European [and maybe Canadian too (Gary?
Brian?)] should still be able to get long runs, and I hope we can
splice 'em and solve the outstanding period issues before the Sun swallows
up the star for the year.

Our Kitt Peak run is over now... but I fervently hope CBAers will be able
to spot and track the expected superhumps in ASAS0233-10.  Any sign of 'em


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