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Subject: (cba:chat) First call for papers SAS/CBA joint meeting

It's that time again: time to think about attending the annual SAS
symposium at
Big Bear, CA. Just as important, to start thinking about the paper - poster or
oral - that you might want to present.

The meeting this year will be May 24-25, 2006 (Wed/Thu), which is the week
Memorial Day (US) and the RTMC Astronomy Expo - one of THE star parties!
Adding to this year's event is a joint meeting with the Center for Backyard
Astrophysics (does this mean the symposium will be very cataclysmic? <g>).
hoping for CBA members from around the world. One of those definitely
planning to
come is Tonny Vanmunster for Belgium.

Just like last year, there will a day of workshops on the day before the
symposium. Unlike last year, there will be concurrent classes covering
software packages or topics. Tonny will be giving workshops or Peranso, David
Bradstreet will be giving classes on Binary Maker 3, and Brian Warner will
be covering some
advanced topics in MPO Canopus such as using PhotoRed for photometric
Jerry Foote will be running a series of shorter sessions on the basics of
started in research photometry, including tips on scopes, cameras, and
techniques. There's truly something for everybody.

Important Dates
February 24, 2006 Last date to submit abstracts
March 3, 2006 Authors notified if abstract accepted for presentation
April 7, 2006 Final papers due (MS Word format, please)
May 23, 2006 Workshops
May 24-25, 2006 Symposium

Details on registering for the workshops and symposium will be on the SAS web
site soon, as will details on registration for the symposium and
registering for
rooms at the Northwoods Resort. Workshop information for those given by
Tonny ( www.cbabelgium.com ) and
Brian ( www.MinorPlanetObserver.com )are on their web sites. Registration
for the workshops and symposium _must_
be done via SAS, however, which has taken on the management of what we hope
to be
an annual "bonus" day.
If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to the program
committee at:

program at SocAstroSci.org

The SAS web site is http://www.SocAstroSci.org

Last year's meeting was the largest in years. We hope to do better this
year by
making the experience even more diverse and worthwhile.
See you in Big Bear!

Jerry Foote
Center for Backyard Astrophysics, Utah
Kanab, Utah, USA
jfoote at scopecraft.com

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