(cba:news) Swift J0732.5-1331

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Feb 13 21:02:40 EST 2006

Dear CBAers,

The full moon has clobbered many of our choicer targets... but
here's a new one which promises to be very interesting, can survive a
little moonlight, and is decently equatorial.  It's a Swift X-ray
source - a quite hard X-ray source, which strongly suggests that it's
a magnetic CV.  For proof, though, that's where you come in!

So let's go after this star with all hemispheres and as many telescopes
as possible.  The ASAS dwarf novae have I think run their course
(ASAS0233 and 1025) - time to close 'em up and turn to fresh targets!

~10" away from
a much brighter star, so be careful with the data analysis:


07 32 37.6
-13 31 09.0

It's a USNO-B1 star


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