(cba:news) erupting stars, etc.

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Feb 6 14:35:36 EST 2006

Dear CBAers,

Lotta stars popping off up there.  Let's talk about them, and other
program stars.

The two just-erupted stars are OU Vir and YY Dra (=DO Dra).  I suggest
skipping OU Vir (since we covered it very well last time around) and
making a big effort on YY Dra (since we've never observed an outburst "in
season" before.  Fire away!

FS Aurigae also just erupted, and was caught by Bart Staels.  I found the
light curve fascinating... but it's somewhat likely to be back to minimum
(~16th mag) by now, since the few known eruptions have always been very
short.  Someday that might change.  Anyway, since Auriga is atill
reasonably available, this is a good targe - for at least a few days.

In my opinion, it's time to quit on ASAS0233-10.  The star is getting
faint, the moon is getting bright, and we already know both periods (Porb
and Psh) pretty well.

IGR0023+61 = RX0022+61 remains a VERY VERY GOOD TARGET,  For all the
reasons described before.  A definite special for residents of the frozen

ASAS1025-15 (Hya) renains available and bright, and might be a good target
for a few more days.  But I do think that YY Dra is definitely the better
choice in the morning sky.

Finally, there's still T Pyx.  We still don't have enough data to produce
a seasonal timing of minimum (accurately, anyway).  Let's remedy this!


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