(cba:news) [vsnet-outburst 7369] New DN in Cam (OT_J055718+683226): superhump period revised (fwd)

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Dec 18 17:27:46 EST 2006

Here's a link with a finding chart and some info about the new 


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Subject: [vsnet-outburst 7369] New DN in Cam (OT_J055718+683226): superhump
     period revised

New DN in Cam (OT_J055718+683226): superhump period revised

     Our observation and preliminary analysis are ongoing.
We have updated our web page, now including multicolor superhumps
simultaneously obtained with V and J bands.


We revised the superhump period to be 0.0534(6) d
using our tonight observation.
While the object is not very bright, long time-series observations
are definitely helpful to study the temporal evolution of superhumps
of this shortest period system.

Makoto Uemura and Akira Arai
Hiroshima University

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