(cba:news) stars for the solstice, II

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Dec 18 17:24:36 EST 2006

Dear CBAers,

This new dwarf nova in Cam looks to be one of our faves.  In our group, 
only David Boyd has observed it yet... but his observations, as well as 
those of the Japanese, show plain superhumps at 0.053 d.  One of the 
shortest periods seen in dwarf-nova land... and in fact short enough to 
challenge (somewhat) the theories.  This is the highest priority northern 

It's December now, and time to promote AH Pic (0557-59).  This is a 14th 
magnitude novalike which we observed extensively 3 years ago and failed to 
find a period.  But I think we were just unlucky; Darragh O'Donoghue sent 
me some data which strongly suggested a period, and I resolved to find out 
for sure some future December.  Now's the time to beat on this star.

SDSS0407-06 continues to be of great interest to us; my only misgiving is 
its faintness - if you can handle that, I strongly recommend it for 
continued coverage.  It has high and low states, but it doesn't quite any 
resemble any dwarf nova I know, and it has more or less permanent 

I had great hopes for V1193 Ori, which was more or less rookie of the year 
last year (in a somewhat abbreviated season).  However, this year's 
coverage is GREAT, and the strong superhumps of last year have completely 
vanished.  I dunno what the best strategy is... but I'm inclined to steer 
clear of it till that signal reawakens.

Delete BW Scl and HS2331+3905.  Just a little too late in the observing 
season - but they had superb runs this year.  I'll be writing both up this 

Other targets unchanged.  Since OT0557+68 (position in last email) is a 
completely new object to us, has an exotic period, and might, for all we 
know, never erupt again, it plainly deserves top billing.  I apologize to 
australites for all the northern glamor objects this season.

But at least they're heading for the hemisphere with the long nights...


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