(cba:news) new targets

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Sep 23 07:25:25 EDT 2005

Dear CBAers,

Full message coming tomorrow.  But two major targets should be retired:
HS1813+61 (too late in the season!) and EC2117-54 ("Ind"; great orbital
signal but good upper limit on superhumps).  The best northern targets now
are Cep1 (GD552) and HS 2331+39 (And) -- or LS Peg if you can't quite
handle these somewhat tough targets (V~16.5).

In the south, I vote for BW Scl - another tough one at 16.5.  Or LS Peg
(only mildly northern at +14 deg), which is plenty bright and could really
profit from the worldwide coverage.


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