(cba:news) SDSS 1730+32 eruption

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Oct 12 19:31:49 EDT 2005

As some of you know well, and as I have been delinquent in urging, there's
now a quite spectacular and new dwarf nova gracing the evening sky.  This
is SDSS 1730+32, which you'll find as one the "Her" objects in the Downes
et al. catalogue.  Its RA is rather intimidating for mid-October... but
the Scandinavians (Arto et al.) have been doing very well with it, and if
we can squeeze out just a little bit of coverage at other longitudes,
we'll be able to define both the orbital and superhump signals quite well.
(It shows deep eclipses, so offers excellent diagnostics of the disk

Still around 13th mag too, I think.  A great - though brief - opportunity
for northern observers.

Preferably VERY northern.


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