(cba:news) targets new and old

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu May 12 06:09:04 EDT 2005

Dear CBAers,

Just a quick note before jumping on a plane to AZ.

The V504 Cen campaign has been... well, spectacular. Probably the
best-covered star since WZ Sge in 2001.  However, I haven't been able to
keep up with the data flow.  From the analysis so far, it looks like there
are signals near 5 hours and 45 minutes... although in both cases there's
doubt about their stability.  Anyway, after 12 days of round-the-world
coverage we've reached a detection limit we won't be improving with more
coverage.  So it's best to end the campaign and transfer all that good
mojo to another star!

My prime recommendation is V803 Cen.  The exact values of Psh and Porb in
this star are still not known to satisfactory accuracy, and the exact
sequencing of high state - low state - oscillating state is also not
securely not known.  The star varies between 13 and 15.5, with a few brief
excursions to 17.  Should be accessible to you in all states, and is a
super-high priority when it's around 13.0.

Secondary southern target is EX Hya.  No coverage yet this year, and
somewhat neglected by us always.  It's just a little late in the season,
but well-suited for the next 3 weeks, and relatively immune to moonlight
and similar afflictions of the night.

Time to catch that plane.  Comments on northern targets coming from AZ


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