(cba:news) stars for the equinox

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Mar 18 15:27:46 EST 2005

Dear CBAers,

I hope many of you take a close look at the new nova Pyx (improperly so
called) over the next week or so.  Here's the lowdown on other targets.

The northern targets I recommend are DW Cnc and BK Lyn.  DW was a popular
larget the last two years; no coverage this year, and we need some to keep
the ephemeris tuned up.  And because the light curve is *multi*periodic,
we do need LONG runs.  BK Lyn is also an old friend, but we need another
season to take it to the bank!

YY Dra was bright a few days ago.  If it's still bright (I dunno), it's a
GREAT target.  And it's pretty good anyway - we've been trying to study
this star for 25 years, and still have very little idea what these
outbursts are.

For both hemispheres: if you have an R or I filter, try RX1039-05 (Sex) -
even after the Moon gets annoyingly bright.  It has a huge (>1.5 mag)
modulation in I light, and that'll subdue the rampaging Moon too.  We very
much want to constrain a long term ephemeris for this star.

Time to end the campaign on HS0728+67 for the season.  Haven't finished
the analysis yet - good project when I return.

And, as usual, pulse timings of RX0625+73 and BG CMi will be of great use!

I'm leaving for a week's vacation today - Jonathan will be holding the


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