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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Jul 14 03:58:57 EDT 2005

Oops, another mistake.  I misnamed the SWIFT transient - here's the
correct name and coords (radio and optical are identical).  Michel
Bonnardeau writes that variations were <<0.1 mag on at least one night of
observation - so this ain't a barnburner.  Nevertheless, if you're a
patient sort you might be able to tease a (true) variation out.  The
signal in KV UMa (the 2000 transient) was only 0.07 mag.

But be warned - not one of our usual action-packed light curves!


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Posted: Thu Jul  7 01:30:01 EDT 2005 -- Fri Jul  8 01:30:01 EDT 2005
ATEL #558							     ATEL #558

Title:		Swift J1753.5-012: probable radio counterpart
Author:		Rob Fender (Southampton), Simon Garrington (Manchester),
		Tom Muxlow (Manchester)
Queries:	rpf at phys.soton.ac.uk
Posted:		7 Jul 2005;  13:09  UT
Subjects:	Radio, Binaries, Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Transients

We report the probable discovery of the radio counterpart to   the new
X-ray transient Swift J1753.5-0127 (ATEL#546,#547), in   observations with
the Multi-Element Radio-Linked Interferometer   Network (MERLIN). MERLIN
(+Lovell telescope) observed for ~8 hours on 2005 July 3, at   1.7 GHz,
at the position of the optical counterpart reported by   Halpern (ATEL#549).
We detect a radio source at RA 17 53 28.29, Dec   -01 27 06.22 (J2000,
uncertainty of 50 milliarsec), consistent with   the optical coordinates
of Halpern, and also the revised Swift-UVOT   coordinates reported by Still
(ATEL#555).  The measured flux density   is 2.1 +/- 0.2 mJy. Subsequent
MERLIN observations on 2005 July 4 and   5 indicate that this radio source
is variable, strengthening the   likely association with the X-ray transient.
The images are consistent   with a point source - there is no evidence
in these preliminary   analyses that the radio source is extended on angular
scales greater   than 350 milliarcsec.

Password Certification:  Rob Fender (rpf at phys.soton.ac.uk)

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