(cba:news) QU Carinae!

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Feb 19 08:44:06 EST 2005

Dear CBAers,

Our southern operatives are going strong, with good coverage on AH Men and
WX Pyx.  But the Moon's getting a little bright, and a recent literature
review has persuaded me that we've been unfairly neglecting an important
bright CV in the nether regions.  Namely, QU Car.  At V=11.3 and -68
degrees, this is really a good target for the CBA - and it's in a tiny
class of star that we have made a specialty of: the supersoft binaries in
the Galaxy.  For the next ten days at least, let's campaign hard on QU

CBAers in boreal regions have been much more quiet recently.  That's
understandable - at least here it's been a very bad winter for both humans
and atmospheric transparency.  Target list unchanged.

By the by, I know that one CBAer (Jerry Foote) is going to the Big Bear
meeting (Society for Astronomical Sciences, nee IAPPP) in late May.
Anyone else?  I was somewhat thinking of going.  We used to have informal
CBA meetings at similar venues (AAS meeting, ASP meeting, etc.), and I'm
open to resuming that.  Any suggestions?

Going on a 3-day holiday in an hour.  Probably no email access during that
interval.  Unless I lose my mind, which is possible.


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