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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Aug 23 07:56:13 EDT 2005

Dear CBAers,

Most of you have heard by now of the probably eruptive and maybe strange
object just found in the field of the Dumbbell Nebula.  It's certainly a
blue star, and that makes it more or less one of our boys.  Probably a
distant dwarf nova, and maybe too difficult a target for us... but it's
too cute a discovery to let pass without notice.  On the chance that it
might be an SU UMa (50-50 I guess), we might even be able to spot
superhumps and thereby get a measure of the period.  "We" meaning you.  If
you like this sort of thing, give it a rip!

BTW the "mouse-over" thing below is particularly nice.


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Sent: Monday, August 22, 2005 7:11 AM
Subject: New object near M27


I pushed it a bit tonight on the pretty-picture email lists.

R Jay GaBany came up with a M27 image in progress (RCOS
20 inch, STL-1000XM unbinned RGB) made on June 5, 6 and
August 11, 2005 that is much deeper and much sharper than
the DSS plates.
He made a nice mouse-over with the discovery image of
Joerg Hanisch that shows that its a new object with an
amplitude of at least 4 mag:
The discovery image of Hans-Goeran Lindberg, who also
anounced the new object, wasn't as deep and with a
shorter FL.

Up to now there are negative detection reports till August 11
and posive ones starting on Aug 16.
There is also some photometry from last night:
V=3D16.17 +/- 0.01,  I=3D16.00 +/- 0.04, CV =3D 16.67and 16.69 mag.

If its not a nova could it be a SN in one of the faint galaxies
around M27 ?

Clear skies

From: "Wolfgang Renz" <w_renz at onlinehome.de>
Subject: Re: [vsnet-alert 8631] Re: New object near M27
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 08:07:11 +0200

Hello Kato-san

Is it possible that outburst were overlooked by the pretty picture folks =
for decades ?

I decided to push it tonight, when I didn't see any trace of it on the =
infrared and the 2MASS J, H, Ks images.=20
So it couldn't be a very red object that appears much brighter in the =
CCD images of the two discoverers.

Clear skies

Wolfgang Renz, Karlsruhe, Germany
Rz.BAV =3D WRe.vsnet =3D RWG.AAVSO

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