(cba:news) v1327 aql

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Aug 2 20:39:49 EDT 2005

Thanks David, for clarifying the magnitude of V1327 Aql.  At 16.7 this is
not so attractive a target.  Probably it means that we will not be able to
mount an effective campaign in the few days we (probably) have... so I'm
disinclined to promote it.  MN Dra and IX Dra can get similarly faint, or
fainter, but these stars erupt a lot and seem to have a superhump history
which is pretty odd.  Plus they're attractive targets for snapshots, not
just time series.  Add 'em to the other Mister Dra (the HS1813 star), and
that's lots of work for northern observers.


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